Ten Years, 3 tractors & 3 snowblowers



We’ve been in Canada now for ten years; we are in the middle of our eleventh Canadian winter.  We’ve owned three tractors during those ten years, all of them used to blow snow several times each winter.  I have videos of each of the tractors being used with a snowblower.  I think they’re pretty good videos, actually, particularly if you’ve never used a snowblower.

Our first tractor was a John Deere 870.  It had only 28 horsepower, and was two wheel drive, with no power steering.  It had a manual transmission with a two-stage clutch, pushing the clutch halfway in disengaged the power take-off, all the way in disengaged the drive wheels.

For the JD 870,  we bought a refurbished snowblower, which was painted John Deere green to make us happy.  Here’s a video of my wife using that tractor; she was very proficient at using the clutch, and she uses the brakes to help her steer on ice (braking only one of the two rear wheels):

Without front wheel drive or power steering, the 870 wasn’t really a good tractor for Canada, so we ended up buying this one, a new McCormick X10-40 (41 horsepower with a cab and hydrostatic transmission, 4-wheel-drive, front hydraulics for a bucket loader … we bought it with a new snowblower:

The McCormick had one major drawback … it came with a payment.  We realized that making payments on a tractor, even if the interest rate was very low, was something we didn’t want to do, so we sold that tractor last year and bought this used John Deere 4410, which a front snowblower.  It is a 34 horsepower tractor, and has an after-market cab.  This is the first winter we’ve used it to snowblow … you be the judge?  Can it handle a New Brunswick snowstorm?

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